Great Gifts!

We also gift wrap for free.... :)

Saturn Oil Lights - Named for their gorgeous optical effect when lit, these pieces reflect a beautiful ring of light beneath them. Safe and stable they contain long lasting fiberglass wicks. Funnel included.

Saturn Oil Lights -


Ikebana bowls are both beautiful & functional while allowing for great creativity. Brass pins (frogs) are adhered to the inside bottom for ease of arrangement and extended life of flowers. The larger size will support a substantial bouquet of cut flowers and other greenery.

Most cut flowers live an average of 2+ weeks.

Many flowers live 3+ weeks!

Available in 2 sizes:

Small - $90/each

5” Diameter

Large - $175/each

7” Diameter

Green Ikebana - $90

Currently out of stock

The perfect gift for flower lovers and those hard to please friends and family members that “have everything”.

Many smiles guaranteed!

Click here to see other Gartner/Blade works currently available!

We have many great gifts for all budgets. Let us know what you’re looking to spend and we’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for you. Need it to be a surprise? No problem. We can keep it a secret and have your gift delivered just in time for your special occasion. We’ve even had dramatic unveilings of works for surprised clients right here in the gallery. Show your loved ones how much you truly care by investing in an original work of art proudly Made in America! Feel free to call us at: 912.232.3600 or send an email to:

Drinkware - Functional, Fantastic Colors & Dishwasher Safe (except for: Gold Leaf items). Add some handmade pieces into your everyday routine. Glasses available in a variety of sizes and colors including: Rocks, Tumblers, Iced Tea, Big Glass, Soda Glass, Aperitif, Wine, Flutes & Water glasses. Click here to see current selection available!

Transparent Ruby

Out of Stock

Opaque Silver Green

Out of Stock

Opaque Silver Blue

1 in Stock

Transparent Topaz

Out of Stock

Transparent Lime

1 In Stock

Opaque Silver Black

1 in Stock

Ikebana Bowls

Glass Nail Files -

Our ever popular Nail Files are the perfect gift for women & men. Beware of the knock offs. Our files are made out of tempered glass that have an etched on finish. Careful - there are many with a sprayed on finish which will dull. Ours are guaranteed never to dull. Our files are beautiful, strong and available at guilt free price points! Please call or email to inquire about specific sizes and colors currently available.

Transparent Amethyst

1 in Stock

Transparent Teal

Out of Stock

We’ll be happy to order specific colors and quantities for you or your upcoming event. Great for Wedding Parties and Dinner Parties! Alternate your fresh flower arrangements in Ikebanas with Saturn Oil Lights

for a stunning tablescape - not to be forgotten!

Blue Ikebana - $90

Currently out of stock

Black Ikebana - $90

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Purple Ikebana - $175

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Black Ikebana - $175

Currently out of stock!

Tis the season for summer Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Birthdays....

Awesome gifts to give or to keep for yourself!

Critter Paperweights -


Blue Frog - Sold

Green Frog

Red Frog - Sold

One left!

Ready to Ship!!

New Lizards!



We’ll have more soon!

Snail Paperweights - $95/each

SOLD OUT! We’ll have more soon!

Clinton Smith Paperweights

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Ocean Reef - $325

2 1/2” Diameter

Speckled Seahorse - $295

2 1/2” Diameter

Pink Flora - $295

2 1/2” Diameter

Click here to see more views!

Raj Kommineni Paperweights

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Extra Large White Basket - Sold!

2 1/2” Diameter

Large Opal Basket - $275

2 1/4” diameter

Small Opal Basket - $195

1 3/4” diameter

Large White Airtrap - $155

2” Diameter

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Honeycomb Orb - Sold!

2” Diameter

Highballs & Shot Glasses! Made in Georgia!!

Click here to see current selection available!

Kevin O’Grady Orbs & Pyrex Bracelets

Click here to see current selection available!

Super Cool Glass Waves!! Each unique just like waves in the ocean. Many sizes available, including business card holders at $40/each. Made in St. Augustine Florida!

Click here to see the current selection available!

Sleeping Cat Paperweights - $45/each

Please call or email for current selections available

912.232.3600 or

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