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Late in the summer of 2013 we were privileged to spend several days at the Gartner/Blade Studio in MA. While we were there we struck a deal with the Danielle & Stephen to be their exclusive gallery dealing in their back stock of Pendant Lights. When someone orders new lights, say three pendants, the studio will blow five and pick the best three for the client’s new trio, creating a continual back stock. We were able to buy up some of their back stock at lower price points and pass the savings directly to you. What you see is what you get but we have quite a selection in stock and potentially access to more direct from their studio. So if you don’t see the coloring you want, let us know, if it exists already we’ll have it shipped to us.

In Stock Pendants Shade only: $295/each

In Stock Pendants with hardware: $325/each

If you want to pick your colors and shapes, we can do that too. Typical turn time is 4 - 8 weeks.

New shades made specifically for you: $475/each - includes hardware!

Need longer cords? That’s easy! Let us know and we can order cord by the foot in a rainbow of colors.

Round Shape approx 7” ht x 6” w. Teardrop shape approx 9” ht x 7” w.

Pendant lights drilled for basic hardware. Hardware accepts medium base light bulb. Can screw in the lightbulb of your choice including CFL and LED bulbs.

We’ve found great LED bulbs to use. Good light, good color rendering and good efficiency. A real win!

If you’d like to purchase any of the works above just give us a call at: 912.232.3600.

Or send us an email and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Click Here to Send Email Inquiry

We’re always happy to help.

Red Amethyst/Sage Teardrop

1 In Stock

Teal/Olive Green Teardrop

Out of stock

Red Amethyst/Turquoise Round

1 In Stock

Red Amethyst/Turquoise Teardrop

Out of stock

Lime/Red Amethyst Round

Out of stock

Cobalt/Red Amethyst Cylinder

1 In Stock

Only the 2nd time we’ve seen a cylinder shape show up in the back stock!

Tangerine Round

Out of stock

Dark Ruby/Tangerine Teardrop

1 In Stock

On occasion the back stock options began as custom colors from the studio. Many of the current options we have now were from custom color runs.

Many of these are not the standard colors we see from Gartner/Blade works.  A chance to own even more unique lighting than others and at the discounted price!

This is the most unusual we’ve seen. Dark red tones when off and a dusty rose top and tangerine bottom when it’s lit.


1 In Stock