American Made Lighting -

Many of our artists create lamps and lighting to suit any of your lighting needs. From available works to completely custom we will work with you, your designer or your architect to ensure you find the perfect solution. We are proud to offer American Made Lighting that is most distinctive, just like your own home.

Option #1: Special Order - Pick your size, shape and coloring. The team at Gartner/Blade will create your shades. Typical delivery within 4 -6 weeks of ordering. Colors are available in any combinations of: Black, Tangerine, Lime, Amethyst, Red Amethyst, Ruby, Sage or Cobalt. Each pendant includes light bulb, wire and canopy or track adapter.

Small Round approx 6” x 7” and Small Teardrop approx 8” x 7” for: $575/each

Option #2: In Stock Options - After a visit to the Gartner/Blade Studio last summer we struck a deal to buy up their back stock of pendant shades at reduced prices. We are the only gallery dealing in their back stock.

What you see is what you get. CLICK HERE to see In Stock Options!

In Stock Price w/ Canopy Hardware: $325. Track Adaptor: $30/extra

Hardware can take medium sized base screw in bulb, CFL or LED.

In Stock Halogen Hardware w/ Pendants available at: $295/each until hardware is sold out.

Large Pendants also available. Please inquire for pricing and hardware options. 912.232.3600

Gartner/Blade -

Strata Pendant Lights

Nourot Studios -

Pendant Lights & More

Find your favorite Nourot shape, size and color and turn it into a custom shade! For a $50 drilling fee we can turn your favorite Nourot shape into your favorite one of a kind pendant, torchiere or lamp.

We had a local Metalsmith create our lamp bases based on our design. Distinctive floor lamp can be shipped anywhere or available for local delivery.

Custom Floor Lamps made of Steel with a metal twist accent. Made right here in Savannah.

Custom Glass shades created by Gartner/Blade

$500 for base

Custom Shades $695/each

Placer Pendant - $495

1 In Stock & Ready To Ship!

Need more than 1? No worries, we can have more made!!

Placer Pendant Unlit

Scarlet Nova Pendants - $495/each

Price Includes Hardware of your choice.

Out of stock! We’re happy to order for you.

Scarlet Nova Pendant Unlit

Tom Stoenner - Table Lamps

Please inquire for specific colors available and current prices

Marbro lamp - Available in: blue, green and purple colors. Small Green Lamp shown.

Small Lamps - $375 

Large Lamps - $495

Luster Lamps -

Available in blue, green, purple, pink and gold colors.

Small Lamp - $355 & Large Lamp - $495

Small Cylinder Lamp - $375

Large Cylinder Lamp - $495

No matter what type of lighting you need, we can have it created for you if it’s not something we have in stock. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find the right artist to create the perfect lights for your home or office.

Please email us at: or give us a call at: 912.232.3600.

Small Teardrop Pendant Unlit

Tangerine Top/Lime Bottom

Don’t Forget about Sconces! Nourot can cut your favorite shape in half and mount them on the wall!

Wall Sconces start at $950/each

Uplight and Downlight hardware available.

Custom Strata Shades -

Made exclusively for Liquid Sands to compliment our locally made lamp bases.

Amethyst Shade when lit.

Kinzig Design Home

Susan Kinzig can be found designing in her studio in San Francisco. Building upon her knowledge of metalwork and design, Susan expanded her creative outlook to include lighting. She teamed up with her sister-in-law, Caryn Kinzig, to form Kinzig Design Home. They called upon other artists to blow colorful glass for the lamps. While Susie produces lamps in California, Caryn works on shades in Philadelphia. They combine to make some of the most collected and finest quality American Made Lighting in the market today!

In search of the Perfect Kinzig Lamp for your home? Let us know and we can help find the perfect lamp to suit your decor. Know which Kinzig Lamp you’re looking for but it’s not in stock? Let us know and we’ll get it on order and ship it to you!

Red Satin Pendant - $495

Out of stock! We’re happy to order for you.

The famous Red Satin unlit

Red Satin Unlit - seen from the side lit by the Sunlight from our front window

Gartner/Blade Pendants are perfect for task lighting in any room!!

Tangerine/Amethyst Strata

Trident Torchiere with Black Strata Shade - $1,195

Currently sold out!

Great ambient lighting for any room!

More Happy Clients!

Shade diameter 10”

Height 6’ 2”

Some examples of the different colored pendants once installed. Black and Tangerine pictured below.

Perfect lighting for kitchens too! More examples of happy clients!

Need custom coloring??

Chances are the masterminds at Nourot Studios are able to create the perfect colors to compliment your interior.

Pretty Impressive Color Match! We sent a sample of the kitchen backsplash tiles to Nourot Studios and this is the coloring they created for new pendant lights.

Amethyst Shade when unlit.

Currently sold out - Happy to order for you!

Black Strata Shade - $695

1 In Stock & Ready to Ship!

~ What you need to know for ordering our custom Strata Shades ~

  1. 1)Decide if you want the shade to have one color surrounding the distinct Strata band in the middle or if you’d like two colors.

  2. 2) If you want two colors, decide which two colors you’d like. Color combinations available from: Black, Tangerine, Lime, Amethyst, Ruby & Cobalt.

  3. 3) Decide which order you want the colors i.e. which color is on top

  4. 4) Gloss finish allows more of an uplight effect.

  5. 5) Matte finish allows more transparency of the light.

  6. 6) Let us know what you prefer and we’ll get it on order.

  7. 7)Average 4 - 8 weeks for works to be created and shipped out to you.

Trident Torchiere - $1,195

Shown with new 2 color shade w/ matte finish.

Currently out of stock!

Tangerine & Cobalt - unlit

Matte Finish

Tangerine & Cobalt - lit

Isabella - $740

36” height

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Monica - $720

26” height

Sold out. Available for order.

Nicholas - $1,340

62” height

In Stock & Ready to Ship

Eva - Sold!

26” height

LOVE the color shift from on to off. 

American Made Lighting! Your home deserves the distinction of handmade USA lighting.

If you want to see any shades lit just let us know. We’ll light them and email you images.

Just give us a call at: 912.232.3600

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Sold out! But we can have more made in these same colors. Just let us know.

Curt Brock

Vase Lamps