Linda Shull has a lifelong love of jewelry and design. Her fascination with jewelry started at the age of 2 when she started her collection.  Her passion grew and inspired her to explore the art of metalsmithing for jewelry.  Her fascination and skill with fusing glass then led her to combine the two media into the work she now creates. Linda’s work incorporates her own handmade fused dichroic art glass with sterling silver in whimsical and fun patterns.  She uses the kinetic qualities of dichroic glass to create depth, movement and intensity.  Each glass piece is unique because Linda continuously experiments with her medium, adding metals and crushed glass to her kiln-fired pieces. She has developed a special technique in assembling the glass for fusing. Over the years her jewelry has been showcased internationally in art galleries and museum stores. Linda wants her jewelry to give people joy and amusement in their daily lives.  The unique creativity she expresses through her glass is sure to bring smiles to both the wearer of her pieces and the casual observer. 

Linda Shull

Glass Watches

Life Savor Watches - $179/each

Currently sold out!

Black & Silver Watch - $289

Medium Size

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Currently out of stock!

White Murano Watch - $289

Medium Size

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

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Don’t know what size Linda Shull watch you are? Give us a call and we can tell you where to measure your wrist to know your size. It’s easy. 912.232.3600 Medium is the  most common size. Of course we can have some made bigger and smaller. Getting the right fit is important and we’re happy to help.

Clear Dichroic Watch - $289

Large Size

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

New Spring Arrivals Coming Soon!!

Black/Silver Watch - $250

Small Size

Currently out of stock

Linda makes incredible watches. Handmade in USA with Seiko movements. Can be easily serviced at most Fine Jewelry stores, for battery changes etc. We’ll have Linda’s entire selection of watches available for order showing soon on our sister site, Looking for something specific?

Let us know and we can help end your quest. Give us a call at: 912.232.3600. We’re always happy to help.


Currently out of stock!