Loretta Eby received her BFA in Glass, with minors in Printmaking and Drawing, from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1981. She has continued her education at the Penland School of Crafts, Haystack School of Crafts, and the Pilchuck School of Glass. Her emphasis since college has been on hot glass, working in and managing several studios before opening her own studio in 1985. Jeff Jackson has been involved with glass for nearly 30 years and is entirely self-taught. He owned studios on the Oregon coast and north Florida before moving to Georgia in 1985. Loretta and Jeff joined forces in 1984 and this collaboration resulted in a new presentation of glass and metal sculptures, which are highly prized in many personal and corporate collections. This award-winning team continues to produce innovative glass designs and sculpture.

Clouds - $2,399

63” t x ”52 w

80” long diagonally

Red Vase w/ Dichroic Detail. Loretta’s famous Artsticks® add whimsy and interest to each work. Wall Sculptures fabulously designed. Easy Shipping, Easy Installation!

Wall Sculptures - Easy Installation! :)

Be Unique, Be Original, Make a Statement! VERY Limited production of their sculptures.

Wall pieces are the most limited and these may be the last ones available.

Don’t miss your chance to own one.

Free Shipping on All Eby Sculptures for the month of May!

If you’d like to purchase any of the works above just give us a call at: 912.232.3600.

Or send us an email and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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We’re always happy to help.

Love the piece? Wish you could have a different color vase? That’s Easy!! We may have a switch in house, if not we can have a vase made in the right color to coordinate with any decor.

Fun and Functional Items!

Ring Holders - $30/each

Cast glass ring holders. Save yourself a call to the plumber. No more rings accidentally dropped down the sink drain. They’re fun, functional and beautiful.

Perfect for yourself or gifts. Great price points!


USA Ornaments - $20/each

Approx. 3” Diameter

USA Star Disks

Created by Loretta for the Betsy Ross House in Philly.

Show your American Patriotism. Handmade in Georgia!!

Shot Glasses - $38/each

The perfect souvenir! Great for gifts. Especially for those hard to buy for in your life.

And of course perfect for doing shots!

Highball Glasses - $50/each or $90/pair

Yes, They are ALL Dishwasher safe too!

We’ve been using ours nearly daily for many years now. We always wash them in the dishwasher too!

They are truly our favorite drinkware. Meant to be used and loved on a regular basis.

Fun & Funky and perhaps the most comfortable glass you’ve held in your hand, seriously. :)

Made in Georgia!!


Out of stock


4 In Stock

Floor and Tabletop Sculptures

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Fiesta Vases!

Love the vases and the artsticks but wish you didn’t have to

purchase the entire sculpture? Lucky you!

Whimsical and full of smiles, Fiesta Vases all come with the trademarked Artsticks.

Vases approx. 12” tall w/Artsticks approx. 30” tall

Loretta Eby & Jeff Jackson


1 In Stock

Lime Vase - $180

Now Only: $99

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Perfume Bottles

Beautiful bottles for display and for use.

Hand ground stoppers create an air tight seal, so your perfume won’t evaporate.

Brilliant for regular use or gorgeous enough to sit out and enjoy!

Blue Heart - $110

Currently out of stock.


2 In Stock

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Arch - $1,299

28” t x 36 ” w

Stiletto - $3,195

77 1/2” t x 12” w x 12” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Bliss Bud Vase -



In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Shot Glasses In Stock: 2 Blue/Ruby, 1 Red/Amber

Highball Glasses In Stock:2 Orange/Confetti, 1 Burgundy & 1 White/Black

Oil Lights

Great gifts to give and to keep! Only $39/each

Aqua & Yellow

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Angel Bridge Ornaments

The Angel Bridge glass ball is Loretta’s interpretation of the traditional European Witch Ball. Colorfully designed to hang in the home, the ornament attracts and traps evil spirits, spells and misfortune happening by. Suspended across the interior of the globe are Angel Bridges, tiny threads of glass across which the dazzled spirits are lured, transforming into goodwill and colorful beams of light along the way.

All Angel Bridge Ornaments are $24.99/each

Approx. 3” diameter


1 In Stock


Out of stock


Out of stock


Out of stock

Two In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Sunset Fiesta - $295

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Little Wing - $1,749

50” t x 15” w x 7” d

Out of stock!

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Random - $1,199

39 1/4” t x 14” w x 12” d

Tall Triangle - $1,449

58 1/2” t x 13” w x 9” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Sunrise - $2,549

52” t x 12” w x 12” d

38” height without Artsticks

Red Fiesta - $295

Currently out of stock.

Lime Paradise Vase - $169

Large: 9 1/2” h x 7” diameter

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Purple Paradise Vase - $99

Small: 8” h x 5 1/2” diameter

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Aqua Paradise  - SOLD!

Lime and Ruby Pillow Perfumes - $80/each

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Tapered Oil Lights -


Currently out of stock!


1 In Stock

Aqua Garden Globe - $99

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Purple Garden Globe - $99

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Jumbo Swirl - Aqua

1 In Stock

Jumbo Swirl - Yellow

Currently out of stock

Metallic - Cobalt

1 In Stock

All Jumbo Swirl Ornaments are $29.99/each

Approx. 4” diameter

All Metallic Ornaments are $18.99/each

Approx. 2 1/2” diameter

Friendship - Green

Currently out of stock

Friendship - Orange

1 In Stock

Friendship - Confetti

Currently out of stock

All Friendship Ornaments are $34.99/each

The latest spin on Loretta’s Angel Bridge ornaments. Blown larger and etched with Friendship.

Approx. 4” diameter


Out of stock