Self-taught, Patricia Locke had never worked with her hands or taken an art class prior to undertaking what would become her life's work in jewelry design.  She designed her first pieces, fine jewelry in sterling silver and gold in 1971, working largely by private commission for several years.  By 1979, the desire to reach a wider audience prompted her first designer costume jewelry collection, which she personally - and quickly - sold one-on-one to prominent galleries and retailers.  In 1997, Deborah Rethemeyer joined Patricia as a partner in the business.  Deborah's experience in retail, operations, marketing and design allowed her to streamline production and introduce the line to even more retailers across the country.  Patricia and Deborah work together to design five collections annually. Patricia Locke jewelry is handcrafted by a team of artisans outside of Chicago, Illinois. Among America's premier contemporary jewelry designers, Patricia Locke's collections are timeless, relevant, and consummately collectible.

Patricia Locke

Celebrate Spring in Style.

Patricia Locke and her team of artisans create exquisite works in jewelry. Their attention to detail follows through to the backside of their works w/ decorative engravings. The works are all very wearable with an attention to comfort not always found in jewelry today. They create new styles and color stories each year and regularly retire forms and colors. You can see the expansive line available at: Find something you love that isn’t in stock? Just let us know and we’ll be happy to get it on order for you. We ship anywhere on the planet!

Give us a call at: 912.232.3600. We’re always happy to help.

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