Hot Glass Rocks!

Discontinued works as of 2012 -

We have some of the last glass geodes left in the nation! Don’t miss your chance to own such a unique work of glass art!!

Medium Amethyst Geode - $595

6” h x 9” w x 9” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Medium Amethyst Geode # 2 - $595

6” h x 9” w x 10 d”

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Small Amethyst Geode - $395

5” x 7” x 8”

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Stunning display of Chris’ now discontinued works. A rare chance to own the last available!

Solar Nebula in Lime - $1,295

18” x 18” x 6”

Custom Steel Stand included

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

The Amulet & Talisman Series - are comprised of large scale sculptural pieces and each one is a highly individual, one of a kind work. Either wall mounted on hand forged wall plates, or standing alone on a hand sculpted iron base. These pieces have the marvelous ability to transmit light in certain areas while retaining a beautiful opacity in others. The rich organic colors are manipulated into complex designs, which are then sand etched and sealed with a lustrous satin finish.

Moab Flower Box - $198

10 flowers w/ silver stems

Currently out of stock!

Bouquets of Glass Flowers

Single Stems - $42/each

Glass Waves

Made in St. Augustine, FL

A Frame Wave - $375

9” h  x 14 1/2” w x 7 1/2” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

The Big Kahuna - $1,095

9 1/2” h x 23” w x 13” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Medium Foamy Wave - $245

5 3/4” h x 10” w x 5 1/4” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Available in all sizes and price points!


From Loretta Eby Hot Glass

Made in Georgia!

Triple Tornado - $1,875

53” t x 16” w x 13” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Small Sculpture - $895

33” t x 14” w x 12” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Wall Sculptures -

Create a dynamic impact with one of these fantastic Sculptures. Easy Installation!

Be Unique, Be Original, Make a Statement!

Clouds - $2,400

63” t x ”52 w

80” long diagonally

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Moonscape - $875

46” t x 22” w

Out of stock!

Pattern Sculpture - $1,300

42” h x 29” w

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Tiger Eye Heliconia - $3,995

w/ 6 Bracts

38” x 18” x 14”

Christopher's art reflects his love of the rain forest and his commitment to present the beauty of nature within his glass sculptures. His sculptural series "Heliconia" is a representation of a trip to the Costa Rican Rain Forest.

The Botanical Series - by Victor Chiarizia demonstrates his mastery in two distinct glass disciplines: Glassblowing combined with an intricate flameworking process. The sculptures express an aesthetic and technical presence that reveals Chiarizia's expertise in blown glass, a career that spans nearly forty years. From both technical and aesthetic points of view, Victor Chiarizia's Botanical Sculptures are considered to be important work in American art glass. All Original One of a Kinds. Don’t miss out on a chance to own an Original Botanical!

All Seeing Trumpet - $1,995

13” h x 7” w x 7” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Morning Glory - $4,495

21 1/2” h x 8” w x 7 1/2” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Austral Paddle Sculpture - $4,295

10 3/4” x 39” x 4”

Custom Steel Stand included

Nunatak Bowl by Caleb Nichols

Nunatak Bowl - $825

8 1/2 x 18”

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Create that WOW factor in your home today. Great price for such a great work!  Yes, we can ship it to you too!

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