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“Soul Cages: An exploration of change, time and process.”

“My current work and series is about inner life forces. The simple bubble is the genesis of all blown forms, perhaps even the soul of glass. I prefer blown glass forms because they capture a unique part of the hand made artistic process - the human breath. In this series, I’ve tried to ‘let go’, allowing the bubbles to expand as large as they can without too much control over their shape as they inflate in one breath.

Piercing the bubbles with a flame leaves only their pure essence: These captured forms are reduced to their absolute basic structure or their inner life force. They are not stitched or woven or built but rather blown, manipulated and finally revealed. Layers of gold and silver amplify their ability to capture, hold and reflect light’s divine mystic qualities.”

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White w/Gold Fumed Soul Cage - $349

Rock:  2” h x 4 1/2” w x 4” d

Cage w/ rock: 20 1/2” h x 3 1/2” diameter

Lake Green Soul Cage - $449

Rock: 7” w x 7” d

Cage w/rock: 22 1/2” h x 4 1/2” diameter

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Cobalt - $799

Rock: 7” h  x 7” w x 4 1/2” d

Cage w/ Rock: 28” x 4 1/2” diameter

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Trio  Cluster - $1,399

Large Cobalt, Medium Lake Green &

Small Clear

Marble: 4 1/2” h x 19” w x  13” d

Overall: 27” h x  19” w x 13” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

These works have an amazing ability to play with light and coloring. They have an entirely different look based upon background color and how they are grouped together. Many of the pieces are interchangeable from rock to rock. The silver fuming on this cobalt cage is quite striking against a dark background and the same cage has a warm blue glow when put in the sunlight. They are some of the most unique works we’ve seen in glass.

Horns of Dilemma - $3,999

Rock: 5 1/2” h x 16 1/2” w x  13 1/2” d

Overall: 18” h x 19” w x 17” d

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

One of the largest clusters Jason has made. All Soul Cages are removable from the rock for ease of shipping.

Jason Howard is a progressive glass artist who specializes in borosilicate flameworking, a style of glassblowing that uses a powerful torch to create intricate, detailed, and colorful glass objects directly in the flame. He currently resides in central New York with his wife and children, blowing glass full time as Cicada Glassworks. Jason’s current work draws on a unique combination of traditional Italian techniques and self invented processes to create large, organic, colorful forms, that push the boundaries of flameworked glass.

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