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A selection of our best sellers priced up to $250 ~ We love to be a part of your gift giving.

If you’re seeking something specific let us know. We’re always happy to help! :)


SHOP Hummingbirds Here - $45/each

Each Hummingbird is approximately 4”. Sturdy Pyrex glass and perfectly balanced. The perfect gift to give and keep. Hang year round from ornament display holders, in your windows or use as ceiling fan pulls. :)

Gift boxed and ready to fly!

The best nail file you’ll ever use! ~ The only nail file approved for flight by the TSA. ~

Permanently etched surface onto tempered glass, they won’t wear out.

~ Great Stocking Stuffers ~ Corporate Gifts ~ Hostess Gifts ~ Perfect for Your Nail Tech ~

Most sanitary file available. Eliminate chipping, splitting and peeling nails by using this file. Has helped many to stop biting nails. Large ones are great for rough spots on your feet as well as your nails.

** SHOP Nail Files Online Here **

Small: $16/each - 3 1/2” length. Medium: $22/each - 5 1/2” length. Large: $25/each - 7 3/4” length.

Tumbler Glasses - $60/pair

Tall Glasses - $60/pair

Purchase Online Here ~

Or give us a call at: 912.232.3600.

We’re always happy to help.

SHOP Glass Flower Bouquets - $109

Flowers always bring a smile! Especially when they are always in bloom and never need water. These bouquets have flower heads that can be easily rearranged and switched for different color stems. The stems are bendable aluminum so customizing the perfect look for your space is a breeze. Approx. 14” x 10”

SHOP Fruit Ornaments Here - Starting at $17/each

Hang year round in your kitchen, or in windows or simply add some fun fruits to your next holiday decorations. Great to use as ceiling fan pulls, especially in your kitchen. :) Made from Pyrex.

Shop Shot Glasses - $38/each

The perfect souvenir! Great for gifts. Especially for those hard to buy for people in your life. And of course perfect for doing shots!

SHOP Glass Flowers Here - $45/each

These happy flowers are always in bloom. A single stem made from aluminum with a glass flower that screws into the top. They brighten any window sill, desktop or shelf space. A great gift to give!                        4” Diameter flower. Approx. 12” height.

~ Shop Flame Votives Here - Only $65/each ~

Approximately: 5” h x 3” When lit the flame dances around creating colored shadows, casting a soothing

& captivating silhouette. Made from Pyrex Glass - Durable and Heat Resistant.

Available in 4 Color Options:

Golden Sun (Pinkish), Lunar (Blue), Volcanic (Darker)

& Rare Ruby  (shown below)

Shown Lit Left to Right:

Volcanic, Golden Sun and Lunar

SHOP Oct0pus Here - Starting at $219/each

Handblown creatures that captivate your attention.  A colorful and fun conversation piece. Also a wonderful gift for ocean lovers and divers. Each has it's own unique characteristics and personality. We’ll have many more arriving soon!

SHOP Jellybells Here - Only $69/each.

Made out of Pyrex Glass. Wind chimes to delight any ocean lover.

Grab yours before it’s gone! Approx. 2 1/2” x 7”

SHOP Sleeping Cats Here- $45/each

Approx. 2 1/2” diameter  A great gift for animal lovers and pet sitters.

**Be sure to get your favorite picks before it’s too late for the holidays. **

Always adorable and always purrfectly behaved! ;)

SHOP Ikebana Bowls Here - $95/each

Floral arrangement in the style of Ikebana greatly extends the life of a wide variety of cut flowers and greenery.

These bowls are both beautiful and highly functional. They contain solid brass pins (frogs) adhered to the bottom

for easy floral arranging. Most cut flowers live an average of 2+ weeks - we’ve even had some last 3+ weeks!

Transparent Ruby

Out of Stock


Out of Stock

Group together for a dramatic display!

Many more color options available on shopping site!

Rare Ruby Fireball Votives - $75/each

Approx. 5” h x  2 1/2”

So Rare that these are now numbered.

This color will disappear when 200 are made.

Get yours before it’s too late!

SHOP Vortex Orbs Here - Starting at $125/each

Kevin was the pioneer of the Vortex Orb over 2 decades ago. While many make great ones today, there’s something special about having an orb from the one who started it all. Dare yourself to be pulled in!

SHOP Ghost Ornaments Here - Only $19.99/each

Take home the perfect Souvenir from Savannah’s only gallery located atop the original burial ground.

Approx. 5” x 2 1/2” - Eyes painted on

**As seen in some scenes of: Most Haunted Towns, Savannah on the Travel Channel.**

Ghosts made exclusively for Liquid Sands!

SHOP Wall Bouquets - $175/each

A happy addition to any wall. Aluminum stems can be bent to customize the look for your space and flowers can be easily rearranged or added to create a whole new look.                                                Approx. Dimensions: 20" x 12" w/  4" diameter Flowers

Champagne Flutes -  $85/pair

Perfect for Wedding & Anniversary Gifts!

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Shop Drinkware Here

All Drinkware is dishwasher safe and meant to be used on a regular basis.

Hand washing recommended for gold leafed Champagne flutes though.

SHOP Tabletop Pieces Here - Starting at $90

Many vases, bowls and other table top items in stock with new arrivals coming in weekly!

Shown below is a small sampling of current pieces available. Complete inventory seen at the link above.