Gregorie Glass

*Local Artist*

Kiln-formed glass is a very difficult medium due to issues of glass compatibility and the inherent fragility of glass. All of this makes it a most challenging art form. Glass, when properly worked, is amazingly strong and this strength makes a presence that will stand the test of time. Glass is an eternal medium that has been worked, in one form or another, for several thousand years. Fused glass art was found in ancient Egyptian excavations and was a revered art form. The technique was lost and rediscovered about 50 years ago.  

“I am fascinated by the way light plays off glass, either transmitted or reflected, giving the work new meaning with changing light and viewing angle. I want my work to be simple and expressive, yet convey a sense of color and light in harmony. I have always been inspired by the colors of the Lowcountry.

The marsh, ocean and incredible sunsets form my palette.” 

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      Testimonials ~

Eventide V - $550

12” Square

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Phoresis - $690

16” Diameter

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Striations - $690

16” Diameter

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Solo on the African Plain - $850

12” x 15”

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

~ Sea Grass Pendant Lights Now Available ~

20” diameter ~ Only $350/each

Includes standard hardware. Can be created in a wide range of colors to suit your space.

Typical turn time is 2-4 weeks. Also available in Small (16” diameter) : $300/each

Turquoise Blue Sea Grass Pendant - $350

20” Diameter

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Need more than 1? Need other colors?

Just let us know and we’ll have them made for you!