Collaborators Micheal Nourot and Ann Corcoran began making works in glass together in 1974. Nourot Studio has been a long standing staple in the Benicia, CA arts community. Celebrating 4 + decades in business and now with the second generation Nick Nourot at the helm the future continues to shine bright. Nick who began blowing glass at the age of 9 has been an official part of the studio since 2004, taking over as Master Glassblower and Gallery Manager in 2012.

The Studio is known for the unique glass colors they batch with their own glass formulas. Beginning with all the raw ingredients and using Micheal’s glass formulas brought back from Murano Italy, Nick continues the Nourot Studio tradition well into its fourth decade. The spring of 2015 brought the unexpected passing of Micheal Nourot. While the world lost an amazing artist and man the studio will continue on thanks to Nick Nourot and his passion and determination to make incredible works in glass as his parents did for so many decades. Glassmakers to Pope John Paul II, the US Air Force, US Presidents and widely collected by Fine Galleries, Museums and Corporations worldwide. Nourot Glass Studio is known for outstanding quality and value combined within vivid passionate colors and original designs. Every piece is a unique, original work. They are all completely hand formed at the bench and no two are ever exactly duplicated.

Scarlet Nova Series - Perhaps the most recognizable in the Nourot Family of Designs. Scarlet Nova™ was named when this brilliant shade of red was attained and mixed with the swirl or "nova" pattern.

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Placer Series - The Placer finish is named for the Placer Gold Fields in California. Each work is created with 6 - 7 sheets of Gold, drizzled with a special Metallic Red Glass and then fumed with more Gold to create that wonderful iridescent quality. Truly Distinctive!!

Scarlet Nova Pendant - $495

Hardware included

Nourot Pendant Lights

Don’t forget about Lighting!!  Nourot can create custom lighting too.

Pick a size, Pick a shape, Pick your hardware and voila! Liquid Sands also offers Layaway terms.

Great way to add Unique, American Made Lights to your home or business!

Red Satin Series - There is nothing quite like the shine and texture of Red Satin™. It is that color and feel that is revealed in the Nourot series of Red Satin™ designs. There are few studios in the nation that can be found making their own batches of color these days.  But the fires burn bright at Nourot Studios and the works are all created with their own unique and coveted glass formulas. Nourot Studios has become famous for their luscious colors and especially their incredibly rich, deep red colors. A stunning work that glows with an ethereal intensity when lit from above. Nothing compares to the Red of a Nourot!

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Red Satin Pendant - $495

Includes hardware


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Nourot Glass Studio

Always great grouped together too!

Need Something Bigger to fill your space??

Whether you need a work to be wider or taller, it’s never a problem w/ Nourot Studios.

EX and LEX Flutes and other shapes available for order.

Scarlet Nova EX Flute - $1,999

Currently out of stock!

Approx 18” height x 18” width

Scarlet Nova TEX Flute - $1,999

Currently out of stock!

Approx 13” height x 20” width

Need custom coloring??

Chances are the masterminds at Nourot are able to create the perfect colors to compliment your interior.

Pretty Impressive Color Match! We sent a sample of the kitchen backsplash tiles to Nourot Studios and this is the coloring they created for new pendant lights. Gorgeous warm glow when lit!

Placer Mantle Ovid Bowl - $899

8 1/2” x 10 1/4”

Vintage Ann Corcoran Works Available

The Void Vase is a signature piece that Ann Nourot creates by herself.

A distinctive shape for the discerning collector.

Vintage Void Vase - $2,099

Sale Price: $1,679

13 1/2” x 4 1/2” x 2 1/2”

1987 Mint Condition

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Vintage Void Vase - $2,299

Sale Price: $1,839

11 1/2” x 5 1/4” x 2 1/2”

1986 Mint Condition

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Master engraver Valerie Surjan spent many years creating intricate carvings on glass vessels using Nourot Studio blanks. The results were quite stunning and the pieces were highly collectable. An uncommon collaboration with Ann’s Void Vase and a Valerie Surjan carving makes this one even more captivating.

Subtle blue/gray tones in the vessel with a two sided carving and movement that wraps around as it calls one to seek out the view from the other side. A rare opportunity to own a piece of American Studio Glass History. Don’t Miss Out! 

Jupiter Bowl - $1,999

9” x 21 1/4” diameter

Black Metallic Mantle Flute - $899

Sale Price: $629

12 1/4” x 13 1/2” x 13”

Blue Luster Cabinet Vase - $399

Sale Price: $319

9 1/2” x 5”

Out of stock.

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

In Stock & Ready to Ship!

Blue Tahoe and Black Metallic Finishes are not commonly seen outside their studio. Looking for a specific color?

Let us know, chances are Nick Nourot can make it! :)

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Cabinet Flute - $449

9 1/4” x 9 3/4” x 10”

Currently out of stock

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Placer Pendant Light - $495

Sale Price: $349

Includes hardware


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