After 41 years, Ann Nourot sold the studio building and officially retired. Nick Nourot has been seeking a new studio space since 2016. We may not be able to secure new works. Please contact us if you are seeking a particular Nourot item and we’ll do our best to help out.

Scarlet Nova Series - Perhaps the most recognizable in the Nourot Family of Designs. Scarlet Nova™ was named when this brilliant shade of red was attained and mixed with the swirl or "nova" pattern.

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Red Satin Series - There is nothing quite like the shine and texture of Red Satin™. It is that color and feel that is revealed in the Nourot series of Red Satin™ designs. There are few studios in the nation that can be found making their own batches of color these days.  But the fires burn bright at Nourot Studios and the works are all created with their own unique and coveted glass formulas. Nourot Studios has become famous for their luscious colors and especially their incredibly rich, deep red colors. A stunning work that glows with an ethereal intensity when lit from above. Nothing compares to the Red of a Nourot!

Nourot Glass Studio

Jupiter Bowl - $1,999

9” x 21 1/4” diameter

Out of stock.

Cabinet Flute - $449

9 1/4” x 9 3/4” x 10”

Currently out of stock

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Cobalt & White Murrini Vase - Sold

Made completely by hand by Micheal Nourot in 1978.

Excellent Condition.

9 3/4” x 3 1/2” diameter

Out of stock

Placer Series - The Placer finish is named for the Placer Gold Fields in California. Each work is created with 6 - 7 sheets of Gold, drizzled with a special Metallic Red Glass and then fumed with more Gold to create that wonderful iridescent quality. Truly Distinctive!!

Placer Pendant Light - $495

Sale Price: $349

Includes hardware


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